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EPA/C.A.R.B. Marine Primer Bulb


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Marine Primer Bulb

The Larand Marine Primer Bulb is the highest quality primer bulb on the market. Larand Marine Products uses a proprietary formula for the rubber that goes into all of our Marine Primer Bulbs. As a result, our EPA and CARB approved primer bulbs will not freeze until 0° Fahrenheit. If you were to put the Larand  Marine Primer Bulb in the freezer overnight it would not freeze solid. Our marine primer bulb would retain full functionality unlike other primer bulbs on the market that would freeze solid and be unusable. Even in the most extreme weather conditions our primer bulbs hold up better than our competition. Multiple government agencies and companies mandate the use of the Larand Marine Primer Bulb in the fuel systems of the boats they utilize. If you are looking for the highest quality and most reliable marine primer bulb on the market then make sure you purchase it from Larand Marine Products.

High Quality Marine Primer Bulb

The new primer bulb allows emissions of less than 6 grams per square meter, per day, beating   the standard by almost 70 percent. Made from a durable compound that stands up to harsh weather conditions and maintains excellent flexibility in low temperatures (in lab tests, the new bulb pumped 20 percent more fuel than the leading OEM bulb). Unlike products that rely on mechanical pumps, this primer bulb has no seals that can leak fuel.

• Familiar look and feel
• 70% less fuel permeation than new standard allows
• Durable and weather resistant
• Leak-proof design
• Excellent low-temperature flexibility
• Superior pumping efficiency

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